Series One
The greatest leader of the rebellion doesn't know how to dress. Does this outfit say, "Hey, I'm an Alpha Grade, worthy of your respect." No, it doesn't, does it? It says "End of season bargain shopping", don't you think? And we know he's uptight, but that buttoned to the chin shirt is just too much. We must suffer through this outfit for four episodes: The Way Back, Spacefall, Cygnus Alpha, and Time Squad.
An attempt to improve his look with the harness and cylinder seems to work in this instance. But it only lasts for the very end of Spacefall.
Hard to imagine a leading man of a show looking so frumpy, but here Blake manages it quite well. He could take a lesson from Bill Shatner, and buy a corset. The snaps on the front are so dated! We are lucky that we only see this in The Web.
Blake in his surface clothes. I liked the surface clothes, and thought he looked good in them. He should have worn in all the time. It's better than just about anything else he wears. And he wears it in The Web, Seek-Locate-Destroy, Duel, Project Avalon, Bounty, and Orac.
Which leads us to the final outfit for Series One. Yep, that's what he chose to wear for every episode after The Web. The only time we escape from it is in Bounty, where he wears his surface clothes the entire episode. What is it with the lack of sleeves? Avon has this problem too.
One small addition, the heated suit worn under the surface clothes in Project Avalon. This, too, is more attractive than most of the other clothes he wears.