Series One
Introduced to us in Time Squad, Cally was presented to us as a fierce warrior, complete with a nice red leather outfit. It is stunning on her! Sadly, once she gets to the Liberator and removes it, all the 'fierce' and 'warrior' disappear too! I have a theory that, if she ever found the outfit again, she would magically transform into the Cally that was promised to us. But we never see this one again. Fashion Notes: Another early suggestion by Terry Nation was the possibility of making Cally more alien by using different-coloured contact lenses when she went into a telepathic trance. Eileen Mair (make-up designer) also remembers discussions about making the character an entirely different skin colour. 'We started off with her being pink, then it changed to crimson red'.
This next outfit shows a softer side of Cally. Clad in green satin, with a hint of the floral petals Jenna is so fond of, she has lost that warrior edge. While we only see this outfit in The Web, it is but a shadow of things to come.
Green again, but cotton, I think. And now we have a multicolor splash to it, also similar to Jenna. Do you think Jenna was dressing her at this point? Maybe. This outfit is only given one wearing, in Mission to Destiny, before moving on.
Her next selection is, gasp, green satin! Better than the last two green choices, she seems fond of it as well. Worn in four episodes, Duel, Project Avalon, Breakdown and Deliverance, it gets the longest run of any other costume.
And if you had any doubt what her favorite color is, just take a look at her surface clothes. Yep, green again! Featured in Seek-Locate-Destroy and Orac.
We were subjected to this hideous thing for only one episode, Bounty. I don't know what animal it is supposed to be from, but I bet it would have looked better on it than on Cally. And in all that rain, I bet the thing smelled.
Finally, a change from green! We have this opalescent outfit with a hint of mauve to it. Look fast, tho. You only see it in Bounty. A refreshing change you say? I'm not so sure...
It's the green outfit reversed!
The last outfit she wears in Series One is this number. Now, mind you, I was rather tired of all that green, but this is not a step in the right direction. Is this some sort of preliminary harlequin motif? Or did she just cut some holes in a pillowcase and put it on. Only seen in Orac, and we are glad of it!